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In the Aftermath of the Parkland School Shooting, SBTC ( President James Lamb Joins & Endorses the National Rifle Association.

Watch the NRA-TV Interview

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Social Media Campaign: SBTC Declares War on Machines

Feb 1st: SBTC Files ELD Exemption Application Supplement with FMCSA

Jan 31st: FMCSA Responds to SBTC ELD Exemption Application & Petition for Reconsideration.

2018 Unified Carrier Registration is Now Open & Due

SBTC Notifies UCR Board Chair Enforcement has in fact begun despite Board's "Recommendation" for Enforcement not to begin until April 5, 2018.

Nov 20, 2017: SBTC Files Emergency Petition to Secretary of Transportation for ELD relief; Files Complaint with SBA & Request for Stay.

Nov 17, 2017: SBTC files BILLION DOLLAR class action lawsuit in Indiana state court against the Indiana Department of Revenue for unlawfully collecting UCR registration fees for over a decade. Click here to read the case summary.

Nov 17, 2017: SBTC asks Federal Judge for Temporary Restraining Order in the UCR Board Sunshine Act Violation case to stop further violations and open UCR program. Click here to read the motion.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct 23, 2017: SBTC: Federal Judge Rules Unified Carrier Registration Board of Directors violated Federal Sunshine Act (Open Meetings Law)

SBTC Sues Unified Carrier Registration Board of Directors & Indiana Department of Revenue for Violating the Federal Sunshine Act and Unlawfully Reducing UCR Compliance Period from 90 Days to 60 Days. Click Here to Read the Complaint.  

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (1/23/17): SBTC Launches 'Trucker Lives Matter' Movement:

SBTC Seeks Sponsor for Companion Bill to Rubio Bill in the House of Representatives

Sign the Michael's Law Amendment Right to Carry Petition. Over 5,000 people have signed!

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SBTC Challenges NRA to do right by truckers and support the Michael's Law Amendment.

 SBTC calls on Law Enforcement Agencies to "Respect the Sanctity of Sleep"

SBTC Files Police Misconduct Complaint with U.S. Dept. of Justice


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